About Jaada

Our Story

JAADA is an open, curated platform for new, original interior design practice with inspiring stories behind it, reflecting our diverse lives in the Middle East and North Africa region. We believe that everyone deserves to get direct access to unique and affordable design.

We also genuinely believe in and support emerging small design businesses which can make that true. This is simply why JAADA was created in 2015, when a passionate architect and educator decided that it is time to make it happen and serve a community of emerging designers in this region, and co-founded JAADA with a talented and dedicated web-developer, who was also an old classmate.

JAADA came to life by restless collaborations across Dubai, Alexandria and the USA, the team built the first phases of the platform, when designers, citizens and residents of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the UAE joined-in to make the first creative additions of JAADA happen.

Our dreams of how JAADA may grow are endless, and we promise to surprise you everyday!



To make professional interior design more accessible to more people in the region.



To keep building the first regional interior design platform, serving our everyday interior design needs, through the talents of local designers.