Q: What is JAADA?

A: JAADA is an open, curated platform for new, original interior design practice with inspiring stories behind it, reflecting our diverse lives in the Middle East, North Africa region. We believe that everyone deserves to get direct access to unique and affordable design. We also genuinely believe in and support emerging small design businesses which can make that true. That is simply why JAADA was created. 


Q: Can I be part of the JAADA Community?

A: Practically anyone interested in bringing unique design in a space can be part of the JAADA community. Whether you are a collector, a home owner, a professional practitioner, a design-enthusiast, an individual producing original designs from home, running your own workshop, showroom, or sourcing for large scale design projects, you are one of the People of JAADA.


Q: What will I find on JAADA?

A: On JAADA, you will find curated original design of interior elements and objects, resources, and advice. You may get in contact instantly with designers, chat, discuss, seal a deal and buy directly from them at your convenience. Meet fellow People of JAADA, debate new design trends and inspire each other. Go to the community blog, read what others have to share or share what you have. Our vision of how you may be part of this unique community is endless; that is why we always promise you something new.


Q: Why should I list on JAADA?

A: We are about any originally designed interior design products, furniture and accessories. Being part of JAADA enables you to reach the right design-conscious community for your business. This community ranges between end-users, homeowners, design enthusiasts, trend-makers, designers like you as well as design professionals. We take our curating job seriously to ensure that your designs are presented in a highly-selective platform, alongside other designs of creative, high standards.

In addition, part of our job is to serve your business by offering the exposure you strive for, to help you spread the stories behind your designs and engage customers with your products.


Q: How does it work?

A: Designers and manufacturers of furniture and interior design elements and objects:

  • You can start your own JAADA store, where your clients are able to contact you directly in multiple ways;
  • phone, e-mail, find you on social media, or even through live chat.
  • You are the manager of your online store. You are responsible for maintaining your customer relations, your inventory and orders status.
  • Currently, there are no direct orders, payments, shipping are made directly through JAADA website. You are asked to make arrangements with your client directly.
  • Your professional image and performance are part of your own success and sustained business.

B: Home owners, collectors, or if you are sourcing for your interior design project:

There are 2 ways to shop for products:

  • Shop categories: Find original products under the categories of Live, Eat, Work, Sleep, Accessorize, Kids, Organize, and Upcycled.
  • Shop Marketplace: Browse collections of partnering designers.

Shopping on JAADA was meant to lead you directly to your product manufacturer. It has never been easier:

  1. Browse the site and find the products you like.
  2. Check the designers’ page for their policies, shipping options, the possibility of direct purchase, custom-making your order, alterations, and bespoke orders.
  3. To place your order and get a deal, contact the seller directly through e-mail, phone number, social media accounts, finding your desired product at physical locations or contact them directly through our featured Live Chat.
  4. After your sale is successfully completed, do not forget to rate your designer and tell us how the whole experience was through reviewing their store!


Q: What kind of exposure do I get when I join JAADA?

A: JAADA advertises your work through multiple channels in the Middle East and North Africa Region; namely the GCC, Egypt and Jordan and soon in Lebanon and other countries. Your products get exposure through our featured appearances on our website (Featured Shop, Features Products, Featured Designers, New Products, On Sale Products and Soon on JAADA blog), as well as our social media channels. Find your right, design conscious community through us and we will make them reach you.


Q: What do I need to have to start my JAADA Store?

A: to start your own JAADA store, you can go to this page and start your own shop independently, in case of any technical issues or inquiries contact support@jaadaonline.com . We also offer a paid store setup service for a minor one-time fee of $20. Contact us at shopassist@jaadaonline.com to request the service.

Before starting your JAADA store, make sure that you are ready with the following:

  • Images for your products according to the following images specifications 
  • Item description: weight, dimensions, color(s), material(s), etc.
  • Information about the availability of your item and manufacturing time needed to recreate them (ifapplicable).
  • Price for each item. This is your decision as a business owner.
  • Locations which you will be able/willing to ship to, shipping method, time, couriers, cost (if applicable).
  • Policies, terms and conditions of your store.

General information which you will need to share include answers to the following:

  • What are you about? (Concept, inspiration, design story, vision, values…etc.)
  • What is your store return policy? What is your store exchange policy? What is your store refund
  • Do you customize? Do you accept pre-orders?
  • What is the best way to buy your products? What is the best way to reach you?
  • Will you be available for JAADA live chat on a specific time? (Which time zone?)
  • Tell us more! Why should we buy your products?


Q: What other services do you provide to sellers?

A: We currently provide the following services through JAADA.

  • Professional Photography Service in Egypt (Cairo & Alexandria) and the UAE (AbuDhai & Dubai).
  • Photo-Editing Service worldwide (Check our current fee structure).

For more information and quotations, please contact us at shopassist@jaadaonline.com.


Q: Who will be responsible for maintaining my JAADA shop?

A: You are responsible for keeping your own shop up to date with the latest product information, stock levels and new designs through our easy-to-use interface. Our dedicated team will be able to assist you with information and the know-how and if you face any technical problems, just e-mail us at support@jaadaonline.com


Q: As a seller, what happens when someone contacts me regarding a product?

A: When someone reaches you regarding a product via any of the contact channels you provide or through our built-in Live Chat feature, you will be sent an email notification. You need to return to the customer as soon as possible to fulfill their order, we recommend that you do not exceed 48 hours till you get back to your client.  It is your responsibility to maintain good standing with your clients. The continuity of your JAADA shop is subject to positive reviews and feedback by your clients.


Q: Who will be responsible for shipping?

A: Currently, the seller is fully responsible for making arrangements for shipping products directly to the client. We highly recommend that this is done either by personally delivering it or via a registered courier. JAADA does not currently provide shipping services or by any means responsible for the shipping arrangements made between seller and buyers communicating through the site, or consequences of damaged, lost or late deliveries.


Q: Who will handle customer services?

A: Sellers/Designers are fully responsible for all customer services offered through their stores. Please contact the seller directly for product or sale-related issues. Any site related issues are handled by our dedicated customer care team. Any communications with the JAADA team are handled by our dedicated customer service department. Please allow us 48 hours after contacting us to get back to you.


Q: Do you accept products of Non-Profit Organizations?

A: Yes, we also curate the products of NGOs legally functioning in the region as long as they relate to the products we publish on the site. We also do not intend, and will not charge contributing organizations for advertising or listing their products on JAADA. We aim to give them the exposure and the reach they need in support to working families. Contact us at info@jaadaonline.com to get more information about listing the products on an NGO on JAADA Free of charge.


Q: How does JAADA make money?

A: Currently, JAADA is a free access platform for all interior design enthusiasts, where you can browse, list products, and contact your favorite designers for free. Any changes in this policy will be announced at least one month before implementation. However, we charge for third party services which we provide to our designers. Please check our current fee structure .


Q: What next?

A: We aim to surprise you every day with something new and unique for your dream home or interior design needs.

Stay tuned!