Fee Structure

The following is the current fee structure on JAADA:


Fees and Charges

Founding Designers’ Offer

Listing Fees

Fees for listing items on JAADA

(limited-time launching offer)

Weekly Front Page Feature

Appear as a featured store on JAADA’s home page


Free Features on home page until 31 December 2015

Store Setup*  (Optional Service)

Let us help you set up your JAADA store online and hand it to you ready to operate.

$20 Per Store

One Store FREE

Photo Editing*

(Optional Service)

Editing existing images for use on JAADA store (pending original image quality)

$12 up to 10 images. $9 For every 10 images hereafter (or any number lies within)

Example, for editing 27 images:

$12 (first 10) +
$9 (second 10) +
$9 (7 images)

Total= $30

Professional Photography Service*

(Optional Service)

Contact us for a quotation.


* Remarks

  • The Store Setup service does not include future maintenance or updates of your JAADA store or inventory.

  • Approval of photo editing service is pending original image quality.

  • Professional photography service is currently available in Egypt (Cairo & Alexandria), and the UAE (AbuDhabi and Dubai) only.

  • Contact us at shopassist@jaadaonline.com for more information and quotations.