Seller Obligations

Once you start your JAADA shop, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Keeping your own shop up to date with the latest product information, stock levels and new designs through our easy-to-use interface. Our dedicated team will be able to assist you with information and the know-how and if you face any technical problems, just contact us

  • Returning to customers as soon as possible to answer their inquiries or fulfill their order. We recommend that this does not exceed 48 hours. It is your responsibility to maintain good standing with your clients. The continuity of your JAADA shop is subject to positive reviews and feedback by your clients.

  • Making arrangements for shipping products directly to the client. We highly recommend that this is done either in person or via a registered courier. JAADA does not currently provide shipping services or by any means responsible for the shipping arrangements made between sellers and buyers communicating through the site, or consequences of damaged, lost or late deliveries.

  • Maintaining all customer service relationships at good standing.