Why join us?

We created JAADA as a hub for emerging, original talent in the interior design field in the region. We curate designs carefully with a critical eye to detail. Originality, identity and uniqueness are things which we always seek.

Currently, we accept listings of original furniture and interior elements and objects. These are the criteria which we will be seeking in order to consider your designs to be listed on JAADA:

  • All designs should be original creations. Replicas of signature or copyrighted designs will not be accepted. This may require us to inquire about the origins of your design, the making process or any related information which we may find necessary.
  • Listing of mass-produced items will not be currently accepted.
  • If listing an upcycled item, the condition of the item should be clearly stated. Provide information about the original item and its date of origin. Provide an image of the original item if available.
  • Well! This is not measurable, but the more creative, original and daring, the more you belong with JAADA.

We also accept selected design blogs, those which share with the community more about your creations, inspiration, talent or design experiences. JAADA advertises your work through multiple channels in the Middle East and North Africa Region; namely the GCC, Egypt and Jordan and soon in Lebanon and other countries. Your products get exposure through our featured appearances on our website (Featured Shop, Features Products, Featured Designers, New Products, On Sale Products and Soon on JAADA blog), as well as our social media channels. Find your right, design conscious community through us and we will make them reach you.